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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Hughes5ive Hughes5ive's Character
Apr 06, 2018

Here's something I haven't uploaded in a while & sadly I may never upload again but I can hope that I'll be able to again some time but until there here's the video: https://youtu.be/bYcDObhLKhU

HHUUGGHHEESS5 Hughes5ive's Character
Apr 01, 2018

So it's April fools yet I'm not really one for doing those but how many times have you been fooled today, oh well here's today's video which is up later than I wanted it to in more way's than one: https://youtu.be/GlzW0UgpYFI

Mar 28, 2018

The random vlogs are back, I know going for a walk sounds some what boring but trust me it was well needed, oh well here's the video: https://youtu.be/ddhflNL2mr0